Roadside Geology of Indiana

Learn about the Geology of Indiana with maps, photos and expert descriptions! This 6"x9" paperback has 326 pages that are packed with detailed information about Indiana Geology. See table of contents below.

Roadside Geology of IndianaTable of Contents

Indiana Rocks and Landscapes 1
The Storybook of Long Time1
Paleozoic Sedimentary Formations1
Indiana's Geologic Map5
Arches and Sedimentary Basins5
Pleistocene Ice Age7
Glacial Erosion and Deposition8
Sand and Gravel10
Windborne Sediments11
The Ancient Ohio River12
Ohio River Floods12
Southeastern Indiana: Brachiopods and Bryozoans 17
The Ordovician World17
A Lost Interval19
The Silurian World20
The Devonian World21
Cincinnati Arch24
Pleistocene Ice Age24
Mineral Industries25
Geographic Regions26
Ohio River29
Interstate 65 and US 31: Indianapolis - Kentucky Line31
Interstate 70 and US 40: Ohio Line - Indianapolis41
Interstate 74: Ohio Line - Indianapolis45
US 50: Ohio Line - Seymour51
US 52: Ohio Line - Indianapolis57
US 421: Indianapolis - Madison62
Indiana 56 and Indiana 156: Lawrenceburg - Scottsburg66
South-Central Indiana: Building Stones and Crinoids73
The Mississippian World73
Pennsylvanian Raccoon Creek Group78
Pleistocene Time in South-Central Indiana79
Mt. Carmel Fault79
Caves and Sinkholes80
Building Stone Capital84
Geographic Regions88
Interstate 64 and Indiana 64: Kentucky Line - Indiana 14591
US 50: Seymour - Shoals106
US 150: New Albany - Shoals115
Indiana 37: Indianapolis - Tell City120
Indiana 46: Columbus - Spencer140
Southwestern Indiana: Clay and Coal 151
The Pennsylvanian World151
Till and Windblown Silt155
Ohio and Wabash Rivers155
Mining and Reclamation158
Clay Industry159
Petroleum Industry160
Geographic Regions162
Interstate 64 and Indiana 64: Indiana 145 - Illinois Line163
Interstate 70 and US 40: Indianapolis - Illinois Line169
Interstate 74 and US 136: Indianapolis - Illinois Line176
US 41: Attica - Evansville181
US 50 and US 150: Shoals - Illinois Line194
US 231: Lafayette - Kentucky Line197
Northern Indiana: Glacial Plains Over Bedrock Hills 209
The Late Ordovician and Silurian World209
Silurian Reefs in Indiana210
The Devonian and Mississippian World213
The Pennsylvanian World214
To the Present215
Kentland Structure215
Wabash, Marion-Mahomet, and Teays Valleys218
Trenton Gas and Oil Field221
Marl and Peat224
Geographic Regions226
Interstate 65: Gary - Indianapolis229
Interstate 69: Michigan Line - Indianapolis234
Interstate 80 / 90 Indiana Toll Road: Ohio Line - Illinois Line242
US 6: Ohio Line - Illinois Line245
US 24: Ohio Line - Illinois Line250
US 27: Fort Wayne - Ohio Line259
US 31: Michigan Line - Indianapolis267
US 41: Whiting - Attica272
US 52: Indianapolis - Illinois Line279
US 421: Michigan City - Indianapolis283
Indiana 26: Ohio Line - Illinois Line289
Additional Reading299